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The alumni office gets a lot of questions.  If you don’t see the answer to yours here, or if the answer listed here doesn’t quite do the trick, please call the alumni office at 509.777.3772.

How do I get my transcript? Everything you need to know is probably here.

How can I find other alumni in my area? If you’ve relocated and you’d like to find fellow Bucs nearby, our online Alumni Career Network (Alumni Community) is a great resource.  You can search your area, your career field, or look up people individually.  Set up your user account and start searching!

Can Whitworth alumni have Whitworth e-mail accounts? Yes!  All alumni are able to create a “Whitworth Live” Outlook web access account through Whitworth.  The format of the email name will be  Go to to get started.

I need some new Whitworth gear.  Can I get this online? Of course.  Just go to and you’ll find everything you need, including bookstore hours if you’re in town.

I’m going to be in Spokane and want to take a tour of campus – what should I do? We love walking around the Loop with alumni.  If you’re in town and have time, please stop by the alumni office in Hawthorne Hall (on the corner of Hawthorne and Division).  We’ve got all the info you might want to know about what’s changed since you’ve left and would love to take you on stroll down memory lane, or just a fun ride in the golf cart if the weather’s nice!

I keep getting phone calls from 509.777.3291.  What’s the deal? There’s a student who is very eager to talk to you from the Whitworth Phonathon.  When you answer, not only will you make the calls stop, but you can have a quick conversation with a student who’s got news to share and is ready to make any updates on your alumni record, like address, employment, etc.  Of course, these calls are one of the biggest ways we raise money for Whitworth, so any support you’re able to give at the end of the conversation is much appreciated…and often makes our students’ day.

Why haven’t I been receiving mail about Whitworth events? Probably because we don’t have your updated mailing information.  E-mail or call us ( or 509.777.3772) and we’ll take care of it.

Are there study abroad trips available to alumni? Well, sometimes.  Whenever a trip is organized, it is often offered first to those who have financially supported Whitworth (e.g., Club GOLD and President’s Club donors).  If there is still room after that, we will open it up to the greater constituency.  If you have a connection to a professor and would like to join him or her on a class trip, it would be best to contact him/her individually.

I’d like a yearbook from 2004.  Do you have any? We have a limited supply available.  Call us (509.777.3772) to find out if we have the year you’re looking for.

Whitworth games – can I attend them for free? You will be notified any time we have an “alumni night” at a any of our games, and you can definitely attend the Homecoming football game for free.  Otherwise, you will be asked to pay a small price for a ticket (well worth it).  For sports schedules, check our Whitworth Athletics page.

How can I write a big check to Whitworth? Actually, this is not a frequently asked question, but we can dream.   In reality, Whitworth is grateful for a gift of any size, especially when it comes from a young alum.  You should check out Club GOLD to find out how much your gift could add up in helping students.

What can I do to help out Whitworth in my community? Lots.

  • Get the word out. Encourage any wonderful high school student you know to take a look at Whitworth.  Get a Whitworth window cling and stick it on your car window, or use a Whitworth Alumni license plate frame.   Wear a Whitworth sweatshirt or hat around town.  Repost things that you’re excited about at Whitworth on your Facebook or Twitter feed.  Got a great job?  Hang your Whitworth diploma on a wall in your office.   These things really add up.
  • Encourage fellow alumni and Whitworth supporters to join you at events.
  • Help the alumni office plan networking or no-host gatherings, or even community service events.  We love getting your feedback about great places to go, and places that are cost-effective and fun.  You often know these things better than we do.
  • Keep us updated about where you are! Believe it or not, many alumni never let us know when they move out of their apartments on Nevada St. We are far better equipped to plan regional events when we know that there is a good group of alumni there.

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