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November 15, 2012 / The Loop

Editing the world’s news at GlobalPost

by Josie Camarillo, ’14

Born in South Korea and raised from toddlerhood in the Seattle area, Kyle Kim, ’11, knew since high school that he wanted to work in international journalism. This was a dream that he continued to pursue as an Act Six student leader at Whitworth. Kim majored in journalism and mass communications. He also worked as a cultural diversity advocate in Arend and as staff member of the Whitworthian newspaper during his time at Whitworth. In addition, Kim spent a year in Australia doing a media program through ISEP.

His most influential class during his time at Whitworth was a general introduction to political science class with Julia Stronks. Kim says that class helped with life lessons beyond academia and reaffirmed his natural proclivity toward inquisitiveness and critical thinking, which have been essential to his career as a journalist.

“At first it was scary knowing that if I publish something online it’s going to be viewed instantaneously by a large number of people,” Kim says. “So just making sure not to make any mistakes is part of the challenge every day.”

Though fond of Whitworth, he also felt that Spokane was too small for him. Kim loves living and working in the fast-paced locale of Boston.  He loves big cities and says that in many ways Boston is like his hometown of Seattle. Having a bicoastal family, Kim frequently travels back and forth across the country between the two cities.

Kim’s advice to other young alumni pursuing their vocational dreams is to “find people in your industry” and to network even while still in college. Especially in his competitive field, Kim says that having practical skills and being aggressive are more valuable than earning a 4.0 grade point average. He found it essential to find and pursue good mentors at Whitworth and beyond to launch him into the position he has today.

A typical editorial meeting at GlobalPost offices in Boston, where top stories of the day, updates from correspondents and discussing future projects take place.

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